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I am extremely grateful for your help and fast assistance within 24 hours to fund this deal. I am amazed how simple and accurate was the process right after I paid your fee.

This kind of assistance is the one we all Real Estate Investors want and look for it.
- Javier A. Bengoa, Real Estate Investor, FL

"I did the POF on the Site, it looks great... Unlike other companies, you guys are actually thinking of the investor, and don't have transactional funding in big letters on the POF. It really looks great... We are going to use this letter/ your company for the transaction...

The service you provide is awesome, it lets an investor with zero capital close deals. Between having an escape clause in the contract, and having you guys provide the funding, there should be absolutely nothing holding back any investor, new or veteran... and now that I know you offer referral fees, I will start trying to refer people to you."
- Mike Overstreet, Real Estate Investor, Queens, NY

"We have lined up a new end lender and should be funded by the end of the month.  I will keep you updated on the progress next week... Thanks for your patience! You guys are awesome."
- Gary L., Real Estate Investor, MI

"I want to thank your staff for a fantastic job pulling off a funding request with a one day turn around.  I requested funding on a Wednesday and with minimal documentation requested you funded my back to back deal on Thursday.  Your staff and I communicated only once but your staff coordinated everything else with the title company to make sure we had a successful closing... Thanks again.  I plan on working with you guys again."
- John B., Real Estate Investor, PA

"I've just tried your service and I think this POF letter rocks.  Great service.  Thank you!"
- Erin L., Real Estate Investor, CA

"I must say that I am a very satisfied customer. We closed the deal without a hitch! You were honest and stuck to your word, funding the deal at an incredible rate of only 1.75%. The service was fast and we had an open line of communication throughout the entire transaction. Most of all, I like the fact that you were remarkably personable; you made me feel at ease right from the beginning after our first conversation.

I would recommend your service to anyone looking for a fast, easy and secure transactional funding. I will be sure to refer my peers to use your funding. I feel you are very generous offering a 10% referral on an already discounted service."
- Michael B., Real Estate investor, NJ

"I have used BestTransactionFunding.com for Transaction Funding several times. With their help, I have closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. I continue to use them, because I know I can count on them. When you have a deal set up and are looking to make a huge spread, the last thing you want is not to be able to rely on your transaction funding company. When I work with BestTransactionFunding.com, I feel like they are part of my team. I would highly recommend them to any investor who flips property and needs to use transaction funding."
-Americo D., Real Estate Investor, NJ

"Thanks for the POF. That was extremely fast. It was such a pleasure to do business with you!"
- Martin D., Real Estate Investor

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank BestTransactionFunding.com for an outstanding job. Within one week, they managed to pull together all necessary documents to meet our client's tight time-frame for funding the transaction. Without the extraordinary efforts of BestTransactionFunding.com, this transaction would not have closed.

Thanks again for your team work and efforts. They were greatly appreciated."
- Brian M., Real Estate Investor, PA

"I wanted to write to you to express my sincere gratitude for your patience and commitment in following through with the transactional funding for my deal in Long Island, NY. I have dealt with many transactional funding companies before and BestTransactionFunding.com is BY FAR the most courteous, professional, and thorough. From this point forward, I feel confident and relieved knowing that 100% of my short sale deals will be financed through your company. Keep up the magnificent work!"
- Jonathan D., Real Estate Investor, NY

"I prefer to work with BestTransactionFunding.com. Their quick, reliable hands-on service really makes them a valuable and essential part of anyone’s power team. I find them much more affordable than others in this field. If you are in a pinch, BestTransactionFunding.com is there and will have the funds for you when you need them. Time and time again, BestTransactionFunding.com has shown they are reliable. I would recommend their services to all without a question."
- Winston H., Vice President, Title Officer since 1994, NJ

"Boy, you guys are impressive!   I can’t thank you enough for scrambling and getting my deal done at the last minute like that.   You and your team were awesome!"
- Donna Bauer, The NoteBuyer Inc., Real Estate Investor, OH

"Having been in the short sale business [since 2002], we have worked with our fair share of transactional funders.  I just wanted to take a minute to say that BestTransactionFunding.com is the finest funding company we have had the opportunity to work with!  We have now closed several deals together and on each and every transaction, your staff has been courteous and helpful.  Our closings have gone off without a hitch.

Again, thank you for helping make our short sale business a success!"
- John G., Real Estate Investor, MI

You each deserve high marks for your wonderfully quick response time to each of our questions and requests! You hit home runs with us! Your application system was easy to use. Our deal met your qualifications and every time Rob Kozak or any member of Mystic Properties, LLC phoned, we received a "real" person dialing back to speak with us.

Your patience and persistence were exceptional in dealing with our business interests. Thank you for such great customer service! We look forward to working with your staff, again, in the future. We like referring people to you, as us, our team would have missed-out on an excellent earning opportunity.

Your help negotiating with our title company made our back-to-back deal, finally happen. People noticed on settlement day how effectively and efficiently your part of the transaction was organized and executed. Again, thank you for truthfully being the "BEST" at what you do!

- Diane McAdams, Mystic Properties, LLC, Real Estate Investor, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for working so diligently with me.  Your services really are the "BEST".  I look forward to working with you in the near future!"
- Ericka B., Real Estate Investor, CA

Just wanting to share my experience and appreciation with Best Transactional Funding for the services and education that you provide to real estate Entrepreneurs, it is truly priceless!

....a few months back, I happened upon a video, on your site, regarding the use of transactional funding with Hud properties; and I found myself replaying the video over and over because of the value that I saw in the message...it actually explained the process, step-by-step on how to submit a Hud deal by using transactional funding. Once I completed the video, my initial response was to take immediate action by duplicating what I had learned from the video into real time. So I did some research on properties in a market where I knew I had buyers; and put together a hud deal. I then located a realtor able and willing to submit my bid online and within a couple of days, to my surprise, received a call telling me that I had won – my very 1st Hud bid.

To you I say, ”KUDOS to Best Transactional Funding and Thank you for providing the education and services to Real Estate Entrepreneurs like me. Please keep up the good work!”

- T. A. Davis, Investor, NJ

"I was studying on how transactional funding works and you guys had the best and most thorough explanations posted so I could fully understand the details in back to back closing. I'd already started setting everything up but your video confirmed that I'm on the right track."
- La'Donna Turnipseed-Scott, Investor, LA

"We want to thank you for the exceptional customer service you provided. No one comes close. We had contacted a competitor the same time we contacted your company. Your company responded with in a few minutes while the competitor has yet to respond weeks later even after multiple phone calls and emails. Thanks again for the unmatched customer service."

"We had looked into several transaction lenders for a couple properties we were trying to flip. Your company was the most responsive and had the best pricing. Even though we had logistics issues with the B/C lender, your company acted very professionally and handled our requests beyond our expectations."

"Thank you for your commitment to an excellent customer experience."
- Phoenix Properties, LLC, Ronald Destefani, Investor, PA

"Thank you so much! I just had a talk with our Realtor on both properties and told him amazing things about your company!... Normally I rehab the houses and re resells them. I just don't have the patience for that work anymore. This [transactional funding] is such a better way for me and less stress."
- Steven Kupecz, Real Estate Investor, TN

can't thank you and your company enough for providing funding for our latest project, and right at the last minute.    You came through with funding in less than 24 hours and coordinated with the closing agent and attorneys like you had been involved with our project the entire way.   I'll know exactly where to call for the funding we'll need for our next project."
- Dave Pricken, Real Estate Investor, NJ



I want thank you for the excellent service I received from Best Transaction Funding.The quick response I received from your company from the beginning of the transaction and to the end was unbelievable. I also want to give a special compliment to you as well. You went to great lengths to keep me informed and gave my title company all the information they needed to complete a successful closing. I cannot express how thankful I am. Such service builds great working relationships. I will definitely recommend Best Transaction Funding to all my fellow investors.
Thank You,"
- Frank Olaitan, Real Estate Investor, MD

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