Real Estate Wholesaling: Should you Find Better Deals or More Deals?

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When you're a real estate wholesaler, it's easy to get sucked into finding more deals and not worrying so much about the quality. However, there has to be some type of balance between the two, especially if you want to automate the business or only wholesale real estate part-time. Here's a look at whether you should be looking for better deals or more deals.

Quality over Quantity

The business of wholesaling can have the model of doing volume deals, high dollar deals or a mixture of both. When you buy low and sell higher, you can create attractive spreads, which can bring in a nice income. Higher dollar deals traditionally make you more money, but finding lower dollar deals may be easier.

When your margins are thinner, you can flip deals faster. The other option, however, is to demand a large payout and worry less about finding as many deals. It's also about how much you want to make, as some wholesalers are happy with $10K a month, while others want to make far more.

It's up to you to choose whether you want to run a volume business or one with higher quality deals. There isn't a right answer, but figuring out what works best for you will depend on your specific needs, wants and situation.

Increased Volume Equals More Income

Even with lower end deals, you can fly through inventory and do more volume. This can lead to more profits, but it also means more work. Will you be happier doing 200 deals a year or 20 deals and making the same money?

It's also important to know that just because you have more inventory doesn't mean you will make more sales. You still have to find the buyers and you have to be willing to make a deal with them in order to get the inventory sold. This is part of why some wholesalers will only work on a few deals at a time and not continue to take on new properties, if they have a full inventory.

Choosing Higher Priced Deals

While going the volume route will probably mean more work, going the higher priced route may require more mastery of your market. You will need to know how to get that property sold because it doesn't benefit you until it's sold. It can also be harder to find deals in a higher price range.

Whether you choose quality or quantity, you can make plenty of money with real estate wholesaling. Many wholesalers like to balance it out and they will take just about any deal they can find. Once you figure out which is best for you or if you prefer a balanced process, it's basically all about finding deals, finding qualified buyers and getting the properties sold.

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