The Best Real Estate Strategy For Starting Out?

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What is the best investment strategy for those just starting out in real estate?

Real estate has a place in everyone’s finances. It may either be the primary means of making money and building wealth, or just a core investment which provides essential diversification. So, what’s the best way to get started?

The truth is that the best real estate investment strategy for you may depend on several factors. That may include; the resources you have to start out with (time, money, credit, and skills), and what you like to do. Here are three of the most common and sound ways to get going.

Turnkey Rental Property Investing

Turnkey rentals can be ideal for new investors. They don’t require much time to source, secure, and manage. They don’t require you to be an expert in all areas of real estate. Great providers can bring you quality investments, and handle everything for you. You just put up the money, or combine a down payment with investment property financing.

Private Lending

Those who have a good amount of money to invest may find private lending even easier than rentals. You simply provide your funds to active investors who go out and take all the big risks and do the hard work. You get a set rate of return. This can be done by investing in notes, or negotiating individual loans directly with front line investors. This gets even easier if you invest through a sold asset manager or mortgage broker.

Real Estate Wholesaling

For most, real estate wholesaling stands out as the best initial strategy. It is far easier, and less risky than fixing and flipping houses. It doesn’t require the expertise or substantial capital needed for private lending or buying and managing rental homes or apartments. Wholesaling is faster to learn and can help new investors master the basics, with the smallest amount of risk, and for the fastest returns. It is perfect for those light on resources, and who need to start generating cash fast. It can either be used as a stepping stone to other types of investing, or can become a seven figure plus business.


There are several great strategies for getting started in real estate. This includes; turnkey rental property investing, private lending, and wholesaling. What’s best for you depends on what you like, and how much time and money you have to begin with. Those thinking about wholesaling can get a free approval for up to 100% financing on their first deal with Best Transaction Funding.

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