3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Financing

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on Aug 24 in BestTransactionFunding

Many real estate investors are allowing themselves to be held back by a fear of using financing. Here’s how to beat that…

Both would-be investors and already active investors can be held back by a fear of using financial leverage. They may fear being in debt, not want to take a hit by having their credit pulled, or just don’t trust the big old banks to pull through or treat them right. These are all understandable concerns. Yet, they don’t have to hold real estate investors back from their goals.

Realize That Leverage is a Must

Leverage is a must for many reasons. It can actually lower risk, help increase diversification, and is vital for 99% of the population to reach their financial goals and needs. Even if your income is great right now, it is essential to create a financial cushion, and build a nest egg for retirement. Only the top 5% of savers may have more than $250,000 in retirement savings. That’s just nowhere near what it going to take to retire today. Once you realize, leverage is a must, it is just a matter of finding the right type that fits your risk tolerance and values. And there are plenty of good options out there.

Non-Resource Loans

Avoiding bad personal debt, or depleting your credit score is smart. Yet, there are non-resource loans and business purpose financing options which don’t require to personally guarantee repayment. These loans are asset based. Either based on the value of the property, or its income production. There are mortgage lenders who offer these options, as well as private lenders who may be approached with your opportunities.

Transactional Funding

Transactional funding is one of these forms of financial leverage. Used in real estate wholesaling, transactional funding means you are in and out of the loan in just a matter of hours. With your deals pre-sold, you already have your exit. Best Transaction Funding requires no credit check, no income verification, and no appraisal, making it one of the fastest, surest, and most efficient types of leverage.

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