Equifax Hack Could Make Real Estate Wholesaling More Important

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on Sep 14 in BestTransactionFunding

Mega data hack at Equifax could make real estate wholesaling even more vital to numerous individuals and families.

The massive recent data hacking scandal at credit bureau Equifax could shake up the finances for millions of Americans. Could wholesaling real estate be a solution for putting your finances back together?

50% to 100% of Americans could have had sensitive data stolen through the Equifax data breach according to cybersecurity experts. That means hundreds of millions of individuals who could have their identities stolen, credit histories destroyed, and bank accounts emptied. Experts say it can take over a year to fix this issues, if they are ever fixed.

In the meantime many may find they are unable to get jobs or promotions, can’t rent new housing, and don’t qualify for traditional home loans. This is on top of the recent losses caused by major hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Real estate wholesaling stands out as one of best ways to get back on top of finances. It’s fast, can produce quick results and big paydays, and perhaps most importantly - does not rely on having good credit or using your credit to qualify for financing. For these reasons many who find they need a new career, or an alternative real estate investment strategy in order to cover financial gaps, replace losses, and carve a new path forward may discover they have few other options.

There are still substantial opportunities to wholesale real estate across America. This can include single family homes, as well as commercial properties. Expect there to be more activity in this part of real estate over the next few months and years. While some may be able to hang on with current savings for a little while, the more time that passes, the more who may be impacted by the above factors. Those who are first to establish themselves in wholesaling will definitely have a great edge.

Have you been impacted by these factors already? Have you considered wholesaling?

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