Tips For Streamlining Your Wholesale Property Flips

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How can real estate wholesalers streamline and be confident in flipping their deals fast?

Wholesaling is recognized as the least risky, fastest, and often most profitable way to make money in real estate. How true that is for individual investors will depend a lot on how they do it. The following tips can streamline the process and help deals to really stick.

Be Sure About Your Numbers

To build a reputation that allows you to do high volumes of repeat business, fast, and to keep your deals together after you’ve inked them with buyers; make sure the numbers you are presenting are right. That includes values, approximate repair costs, holding costs, and potential rents.

Avoid Quirky Properties

Some properties will be very difficult for your end buyers to finance, and for future buyers to get financing on. You don’t want to be stuck with them, or for your buyers to be stuck in that position either. This probably includes units with abnormally small square footage, and those bordering on commercial or industrial real estate zones.

Insurable Title

Property titles are a mess in the wake of 2008. Many have numerous red flags. That can present financing issues, may scare off savvy buyers, or cause problems down the road if there are challenges to title.

Cash Buyers

Sticking to cash buyers for your wholesale deals can remove a lot of risk and speeds things up. It may not always be viable, and may not be faster if there are a lack of cash buyers. Yet, it can remove issues with lenders approving your inventory. You can also get an edge here by continuingly education yourself on evolving lending criteria, so you know which banks and loan programs will really fund certain deals, or not.

Transactional Funding

Using transactional funding for your deals can help you stay liquid, do more deals at the same time, eliminates barriers associated with traditional underwriting, and speeds up funding, with closings possible in just a few days.



Wholesaling is great, if executed well. Leverage these tips to minimize risk and headaches, and to maximize how much business you can do, and increase efficiency, so you net more profit.

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