Say Goodbye To Your Financing Struggles By Using Transactional Funding

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Tired of the challenges of trying to raise private money, finding good investment property lenders, and juggling funding? Transactional funding could crush all that worry and stress, and make it 100x easy to make money in real estate.

Funding continues to be the biggest challenge in the real estate investment space. From brand new investors looking to get into real estate to already successful rehabbers and landlords, it’s all about the money. There is always a need for more capital to make new acquisitions. No matter how much you start out with, that cash can get tied up pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, the mortgage market really hasn’t caught up. Although new lenders have popped up, funds have been advertising their capital and flowing some through conduits and crowdfunding portals, the underwriting criteria and LTVs and reserve requirements just aren’t on par with demand and investor needs.

Transactional funding and integrating or switching to a wholesale strategy can solve those problems, fast.

Best Transaction Funding offers 100% financing for real estate wholesalers. What’s even better is that this can be done with no income, asset, or employment check. It’s just fast, easy financing you can close with in just days.

It’ll take your ROI to a whole new level. And you can keep pocketing your profits, and using new transactional funding again and again. It takes you from only being able to to a couple deals a month, to many, while ripping open the potential to scale your real estate investments and business.

It’s crazy how many are struggling to get started, grow, and to keep on going, when this capital is readily available for use now. If you’ve been frustrated with your finance flow, or know investors who are; try it out, or recommend it to them...

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