Property Wholesaling: Making The Most Of The End Of Year Rush

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The next week may offer a big opportunity for wholesalers to get up their numbers. Are you making the most of it?

There is often a sweet spot for buying property at the end of the year. With some unique regulatory and trend twists, the last week of December could be especially profitable for wholesalers this year. It’s a short window, but one which can help you finish the year strong, and start 2018 even better.

Time to Buy

There is typically a lot less competition for bidding on and buying properties at this time of year. Realtors and home sellers who aren’t in a good financial position or who aren’t familiar with seasonal trends can be extra flexible and open to negotiating and cutting great deals.

Others are looking to make their annual numbers stronger. That can include home builders, real estate brokerages, and asset managers with REOs who are looking to maximize write-downs and losses for tax purposes.

The new tax bill also threatens to hit many with extra taxes in the new year, unless they downsize to avoid mortgage interest and property tax deduction limitations. Then there is the huge capital gains tax hit which will really hurt those who wait until January to sell.


While some people are too distracted with the holidays, there can be enhanced opportunities to wholesale and flip houses you find. Real estate is a great holiday present. Many executives and workers will be getting big bonuses this year, and will want to invest that too. Some firms and individuals will be under pressure to spend and invest to minimize tax exposure for the year as well. Then there are Realtors who want to get their numbers up for the quarter and year, and lenders who may be more willing to push through loan applications. There is often a dip in rates right after Christmas which can help buyers.

Investors should absolutely take time to enjoy the holidays, but don’t ignore the advantages to scoop deals, and flip them while others are distracted through the beginning of January.

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