7 Ways For Your End Buyers To Fund Deals In 2018

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Successfully flipping real estate deals in 2018 relies a lot on finding end buyers with the financial means to purchase properties. The more that flippers and wholesalers can help prospective buyers find and connect with financing, the more deal volume to be done, and the faster they can be flipped.

Here are seven ways your flipper, rental property, and retail buyers can fund their purchases from you this year.

IRAs & 401ks

There is a lot more awareness of the ability to invest in real estate through self-directed retirement accounts today. Others still need to be turned on to the option. Though many more may begin to use these account options as the stock market continues to inflate and stocks become more expensive.

1031 Exchanges

Some US real estate markets appear to have matured, as have some individual investments. By using a 1031 exchange, investors can acquire your deals, while deferring tax liability on their gains.

Private Lending

Investor buyers without enough of their own cash and capital can find that individual private lenders are still the best option for financing. These lenders can be far more aggressive in terms and loan amounts, and are typically far faster and easier to work with.

Hard Money Loans

These loans are great for those who don’t want to deal with the hassles of conventional mortgage loans, or may be buying properties with repair needs that fall outside of conventional underwriting requirements.

Rehab Loans

Whether from investor specific lenders or the FHA 203k loan, there are great funding options for acquiring houses at a discount that need some repairs or updating.

Low Down Payment Loans

While investor loan LTVs have risen to 90% and even 100% in some cases, regular home buyers are also finding more and more low down payment options as well. This ranges from government loan programs like USDA and VA loans, to those offered by mortgage lenders like Flagstar which can be combined with local down payment assistance programs.

Seller Financing

Seller financing is still one of the best ways to ensure fast resales at maximum resale prices. That may be a low down payment large first mortgage, or carrying a second mortgage loan.

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