5 Reasons Transactional Funding Is So Critical For Real Estate Investors

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on Feb 27 in BestTransactionFunding

Transactional funding has become an essential and invaluable tool for real estate investors. Multi-pronged benefits make it a vital tool for both experienced high volume investors, and crucial for those looking to get started in real estate investing.

Here are just some of the reasons it has become so important..


It doesn’t matter if you start investing in real estate with millions or are making seven figures a year. That cash can become tied up quickly. Without liquidity investors get stuck, and everything grinds to a halt. That cannot just be financially perilous, but means missing out on the best and most profitable opportunities. Transactional funding breaks that cycle, even as the wider mortgage market looks to become tighter, by offering virtually limitless capital.

Fast Funding

Sellers and Realtors don’t want to wait around anymore. They don’t want drawn out closings, and will give preference to offers that promise a quicker closing. Investors don’t want to be playing the waiting game for months either. The faster you can close and flip it, and get paid, the higher your annual returns and income. Transactional funding can be closed in just days.

Access to Credit

Transactional funding offers access to credit for those without perfect credit or all the paperwork that conventional lenders are demanding today. You don’t have to worry about the IRS speedily sending copies of tax returns, how backed up real estate appraisers are, or if you have an error on your credit report that just won’t go away. This provides a desperately needed service for new investors looking to change the dynamics of their finances.

Ability to Act as a Cash Buyer

The best transaction funding enables investors to act just like cash buyers. The money is there, and available to close in just days, without worrying about all the micro-underwriting of most banks. For sellers and Realtors, that makes wholesalers using transactional funding as good as cash buyers.

Protecting Your Deals with Legal Double Closings

Unfortunately, the market continues to be rife with unscrupulous buyers, sellers, and agents who try to go behind the backs of investors. It doesn’t matter how good of a deal you seem to give some people, they still try to manipulate the system, and think they can get away with it. Instead of relying on assignments and assigning contracts, transactional funding provides the ability to double close legally and quickly, and protect all the investment made in marketing and securing buyers and sellers.

Why do you use transactional funding?

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