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Who Are The Top Buyers Of Wholesale Homes Now?

by blogger1
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on Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Who can you be flipping your wholesale homes to now?

If you want to wholesale more properties, wholesale faster, and make more profit, it helps to know who the most active buyers are in the market. There is more than one type of buyer for wholesale houses. Bulk up your list with them.


Rehabbers and fix and flip investors are still one of the top buyers of wholesale homes. They need this inventory to fuel their businesses and incomes. Having a consistent source of wholesale deals allows them to stay focused on what they do best (fixing). This is becoming even more important as house flippers look for new areas to work in, with more opportunities.

Rental Property Investors

Rental property investors also need to keep their pipelines full of new acquisitions. They are needing to dig deeper and deeper to find house deals where numbers work. Some may want to make renovations and improvements, others won’t.

Other Wholesalers

While it’s important not to get tied up in long chains, other wholesalers with bigger buyer lists, and who can handle more volume may be some of your best contacts. These may be other pure wholesalers, investors looking to owner finance and create new mortgage loan notes from these properties, and even funds.

Retail Home Buyers

Regular home buyers are increasingly looking for wholesale house deals too. Too many other properties are being overpriced, and inexperienced and unrealistic agents and sellers are overpricing and have little in the way of negotiation skills. Today’s buyers want to feel as if they are getting a good deal. Some may take more work than other wholesalers, but they may pay more too.


Nonprofits and not for profits are also looking for affordable housing supply to supply their users with, or to house workers and those they help. They may even buy your deal in bulk.

Home Builders

Small builders are often finding it more profitable to acquire existing properties and fully renovating them instead of building from the ground up. It can be greener too. Even larger builders often need to piece together larger parcels to put new communities and projects on. It’s much easier for them to work with wholesalers than regular homeowners.

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HUD Transactions

by webhelp
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on Friday, 24 January 2014
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Case Study of HUD same-day, back-to-back transaction with

How the B investor bought and sold a HUD property within 6 hours with the help of

Using Transactional Funding for HUD Transactions

Helpful tips in using successfully with HUD same-day, back-to-back closings. How does one characterize our funding - cash or loan? Should the B investor bid for HUD properties as an entity or a natural person? And much more...
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CNBC Special

by press
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on Wednesday, 01 January 2014
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Investor explains how transactional funding can be used by flippers featured on CNBC

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