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Wholesaling Houses: 5 Things That Separate The Best From The Rest

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on Thursday, 05 October 2017

What separates the best and most successful in wholesaling houses from everyone else?

Many are being attracted to real estate wholesaling. Yet, there continues to be a big divide between the few who are doing 80% of the business, and the masses kicking around deals without much in the way of results. What do top performers do differently?

Think Big

The most successful house wholesalers are typically those that think the biggest. They aren’t looking to make $100k per year. They are looking to make $100k or more per month. They don’t shoot for a handful of deals per month. They are looking for 10 plus deals each month. They have really big visions.

Serious About Finding Good Deals

Great wholesalers are serious about finding very good deals. They are looking for deep discounts, and fat spreads. They are also looking for houses that they can resell. They are looking for 100% returns, $100k spreads, not just a handful of bills, nor deadbeat properties that are just going to be a nightmare.

Care About Presenting Good Deals

One of the biggest differentiating factors is that they care about being able to present good deals to their buyers, and are willing to invest the time and effort in that presentation. They know that their success and ability to stay in the business relies on it. If they just throw up properties that have big lurking issues or un-insurable titles, they are going to burn their buyers bad. At best they’d lose their reputation and any chance at repeat and referral business. Solid wholesalers want their buyers to be profitable. They want them to succeed, and come running back for more, and for them to easily be able to make a good decision based on the information provided.

They Understand Real Estate Financing

This will make or break investors. There are a lot of nuances in mortgage financing. Wrong assumptions have bankrupted many new investors. Those with the best understanding of it have the ability to move with confidence, and complete deals others can’t.

Invest in Building a Great Brand

In order to have more negotiating power, to have prospects seeking you out, to win great investors and vendors, and to hit full potential, you’ve got to build a brand. It has to be memorable, recognizable, and carry value. Leading wholesalers do this by giving their branding the thought it deserves, bringing in a great team, and putting out quality materials.

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7 Small Ways To Generate Serious Wholesaling Lead Volume

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 29 January 2015

What are the easiest, highest ROI ways to generate leads for real estate wholesalers?

Even though wholesalers have BIG goals, sometimes they only have the bandwidth for taking small steps in lead generation. New real estate investors can often find lead generation intimidating when they don’t have the time and cash to launch glitzy marketing campaigns, and are trying to break in to wholesaling while juggling a full time job or two. Even highly successful real estate investors sometimes run into cash crunches. Still, even when you have a sizable budget and plenty of spare time it still makes sense to demand the maximum ROI from everything you do.

Here are seven small, affordable real estate lead generation strategies that everyone can do:

Send Cards

Even if your marketing budget is virtually non-existent you can always find the time to send out a few pieces of mail each week. There are ‘yellow letters’, postcards, jumbo postcards, bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, and more. However, it doesn’t even have to be this complex. Simple thank you, holiday, and personal cards and letters can go a long way too. They don’t even have to be designed as sales pitches, as much as keeping in touch, and staying at the front of mind when people need your services.

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Casual Networking

Wherever you live there is likely many nearby formal networking gatherings every quarter. However, there are also many ways to network directly with consumers and other professionals in a warmer and productive way while enjoying life a little more. This can be as simple as grabbing a round of golf together, hanging out at the yacht club, going for dinner, or hosting a BBQ on the weekends. Surprisingly you may find this is one of the best ways to generate leads.

Cruising Your Farm Area

We’ve all heard of driving through target neighborhoods and knocking on doors, but there are other ways to accomplish this too. In waterfront areas literally cruising in your boat might bring more connections. Or how about getting out of your vehicle and making it easier to spark natural interactions? Walk your dog, run, or dine in your target neighborhood every week.

Email Autoresponders

Email is still almost as close to free real estate marketing as you can get. It’s also one of the most effective for making sure every contact and lead you make eventually turns into a real deal. Whether designed as an email course, saying “Hi” a few times a year, or providing valuable alerts on local home values; everyone has time to pop a handful of emails into a system that will continue marketing for them even while they are sleeping, travelling, or working another job. If you don’t feel like a great writer, hire a freelance writer to craft them for you.

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Show You Are Interested First

John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution highlights that one of the best ways to build rapport and connect with power contacts is to show you are interested and are invested in what they care about first. This might be sending them referrals, buying something from them first, subscribing to their blog or social feeds, or donating to a cause they are.

Provide Broader and Longer Service

It’s crazy to see how so many wholesalers allow their offers to be shot down because they aren’t helping with the one main factor sellers care about the most, and how contacts are churned and burned, instead of being nurtured and multiplied into boat loads of warm real estate leads. Ironically it doesn’t even have to cost you a dime to do better in this area.

Expand your services, or bundle them to offer more value, and stay at the top of mind forever. Don’t just help motivated sellers get out of their homes. They might have to, but what they want and need is somewhere new to live! On the other side buyers need various services when moving in or fixing and reselling. Show you are invested in their long term success and keep following up. Partner with other professionals and companies that provide moving services, rentals, contractor services, financial planning, mortgage financing. They want the leads and your contacts need their help. In turn you’ll find loyalty, repeat business, and referrals.


Start or re-start a real estate blog, and blog every day.

Like this? Discover 6 Easy Ways to Spark Lead Generation here…


Authored by Best Transaction Funding is the leading source of transactional funding and hard money loans for real estate wholesalers in the US, where 100% financing, and saying “Yes” is what we love doing all day long.

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Best Properties for Flipping [fall 2012]

by blogger1
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on Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What are the best type of houses for flipping for fall and winter 2012?

There is a widening opportunity opening in one real estate investing niche which is ripe for the picking and quickly emerging as a much better option for many investors…

What is it?

Luxury homes from upscale modern condos to estate homes on prized lots currently offer many of the best investment opportunities and could rapidly become even more appealing due to a combination of emerging market factors.

Unfortunately many investors have been hammered with the message to solely stick with cheaper ‘bread and butter’ homes and are missing out on huge profits.

Let’s take a look at 7 reasons you might want to switch up your strategy…

1. Even if the percentage of discounts shrinks the dollar volume is certainly there
2. Investors can make more money while doing fewer deals
3. Luxury homes set to see a great rebound
4. The best homes in great locations will always be in demand and demand a premium
5. Higher end buyers are often easier to work with (no penny pinching over the carpet color in the 3rd bedroom)
6. This is a unique moment for home buyers to get into estate homes in prime communities due to low interest rates and prices
7. There is likely a lot less competition for these homes from other investors compared to other REOs


The one hold back in the housing market and what has really been retarding investor’s volume growth is access to mortgage financing for end buyers. However, new data and trends show private jumbo mortgage lending is already on the increase and signals that this type of credit may be easing slightly as banks find these loans more attractive. Plus, cash rich foreign investors often only want to buy the best and have no time for run down, low end foreclosures.

No More Excuses

Thanks to transactional funding investors no longer have any excuses for not diving into this market either as they do not have to be held back by cash limitations.

Where are these deals hiding? They are all over the country from the suburbs of Detroit to Fairhaven CT, to northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast’s golfing communities.

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Transactional Funding For Keeping Your Deals Alive During A Hurricane

by blogger1
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on Monday, 05 September 2011

Hurricanes not only bring the threat of property damage but can also completely throw your cash flow out of whack if you aren’t prepared with a good transactional funding source.

As soon as a hurricane comes on the radar today home owners and sellers get nervous. Capitalize on this by utilizing transactional funding to close quickly as a cash buyer before a hurricane comes through. The odds are it won’t hit your homes and providing you are reselling immediately it actually won’t affect you either way.

If you already have real estate deals lined up and homes under contract as a hurricane approaches transactional funding can be a big life saver. You can’t afford to go weeks or a month without closing deals if you need cash flow coming in. Forget waiting for approval on a conventional mortgage as they are sure to stall and hold onto your cash by working with a transactional lender who will give you 100% financing. This will help you stay liquid, with plenty of reserves in case you own any other homes that need cleaning up or repairs after the storm passes.

After a hurricane passes any deals you had in the pipeline that relied on conventional mortgage financing are going to be a nightmare as you wait weeks for new appraisals to be done and reviewed. If you have cash buyers use transactional funding instead and keep on flipping those houses. Maybe you can even pick up deals from other investors who now cannot close on their contracts or at least receive a referral fee for sending them to your transactional lender. Also stay poised to jump on motivated sellers afterwards who don’t have money to fix their properties or who fear another hurricane. You may also be able to hook up with a few local insurance agents to get some extra leads during these times.

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