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Upcoming Real Estate Events for 2017

by blogger1
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on Friday, 21 July 2017

Many real estate events are coming up as we are a little over half way through the year. Attending the right events can certainly help you gain knowledge, stay up-to-date and have a little fun. Here's a look at some of the top upcoming real estate events still to come for 2017.

Big West Coast Office Expo - September 19th

A huge event held on the West Coast, the Big West Coast Expo will include a number of speakers and workshops. There will be networking opportunities and plenty of great information on everything from construction and design to tenant strategies and so much more.

RealShare New York - October 12th

Another great event comping up for those in real estate is called RealShare. This will mark the 16th annual holding of this event and it will be presented by this year. The event will help to connect developers and other real estate professionals with new technology and more. It will include plenty of opportunities to meet with developers, owners, brokers, lenders, investors and so much more. The Networking Cocktail Reception will provide a chance to grow your network, while many educational sessions and guest speakers will also be on hand.

The New Luxury Playbook - October 18th and 19th

A hot luxury real estate event in Beverly Hills, The New Luxury Playbook will include 600 of the top producing agents and brokers in the entire world. Plenty of great content will be a part of the events, along with evening soirees, networking opportunities and so much more. This is a unique opportunity to get a look at the luxury playbook and how it works. Tickets are very limited for this event.

Ignite Summit - November 18th

The hottest event coming up is by far the Ignite Summit in Florida. This event will include very powerful keynotes with immense value. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa, which is one of the finest resorts in the area. There will be an influencer meetup, expo, power speakers, and even an after party. Make sure you get your tickets for this event before they sell out.

Other real estate events still to come for 2017 include:

East Meets West Real Estate Connect - October 25th

Game Change Real Estate - November 2nd

National Deal Making Conference - December 5th and 6th

Winter Forum on Real Estate Opp. & Private Fund Inv. - January 17th to 19th, 2018

PREA Spring Conference - March 8th and 9th, 2018

Make sure you get your tickets for the upcoming events before they sell out.

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How To Get Even More Out Of Attending Real Estate Events

by blogger1
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on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Regularly attending real estate events is important for all investors, agents, and business owners. But there can be a massive difference in what you get out of them. Here are ten tactics for getting more from every event you go to…

1. Sign Up Early

Most real estate and business events are annual affairs. Some are even more regular than that. The point is that you should be able to line up your schedule early, and plan your year out in advance. This can often yield great discounts on early bird tickets too.

2. Plan Your Trip Well in Advance

Get the best deals on your trip, and the best vehicles and hotels rooms by booking early. Many events will have a limited number of discounted hotel rooms on site.

3. Connect with Others Before You Go

Get the conversation and connections going weeks in advance by joining in on social media online. Use the custom hashtags, find out who else is going, and start getting some benefit way before you go.

4. Decide on Your Number One Takeaway

Whether it is a networking event, expo, conference, or seminar, there is bound to be a ton of information streaming. You simply can’t take it all in, in a useful way. So decide on a main takeaway before you go.

5. Know Your Questions

You’ll probably have privileged access to real estate industry experts that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Some are never reachable, others might normally charge thousands for personal consultations. List your most important questions so that you get the most you can out of it.

6. Load up Content for Social

Real estate events are great for loading up on content for social media marketing. Snap all the pics you can, load up on quotes, and more.

7. Get in Early and Sleep

Try to plan your arrival in plenty of time to get to your room, and sleep off the jet lag. That way you’ll be up early, awake, and operating at your best.

8. Connect on the Spot, Build Lists

Don’t just leave your business cards in vendors’ bowls. Trade contact details, connect on social media channels on the spot, and add everyone you can to targeted lists.

9. Download the Content

Well organized real estate events will send out content afterwards. Download the videos and other content, review, and share it with your team.

10. Take Action

You may find great inspiration, new leads and tactics, but it isn’t going to make any difference in your real estate investments or business, unless you take action. It’s too easy to procrastinate, so put it on your calendar. Schedule a hard date by when you’ll implement what you’ve learned, and automate follow up.


Real estate events can be powerful tools for leveling up your game. Going prepared and having a solid game plan can make a dramatic difference in what you’ll gain from them. Put these 10 tips in play the next to you go to event and see the difference for yourself…


Authored by – the #1 source for transactional funding, and hard money loans for real estate wholesalers.

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10 Tactics To Maximize The Success Of Your Next Real Estate Event

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 03 March 2016

Hosting or exhibiting at a real estate event this year? Here’s how to crank up the results…

Every event is important. Each one will either snowball the buzz and ROI of future events, or will put up barriers. No matter what your role, you can help elevate the success. And while quality is important, you don’t have to go broke to improve effectiveness.

Try these tips…

1. Location Selection

The location can easily make or break the event. This isn’t just about how fancy or well known the hotel or convention space is either. How easy it is for visitors to get in and navigate it is equally important. If you can’t get there to preview it in person first, then get someone on the ground to give you a video walk through of pulling up, parking, and getting to and around the event space.

Timing is also critical. What time are locals used to going to events like this? Morning, brunch, or happy hour?

2. Widen Your Outreach

Who are you directly promoting the event to? Existing lists, cold prospects on the internet, or locals via the radio? Don’t overlook the massive pools of industry professionals in the area and their spheres of influence. For a couple hundred bucks or with the right approach you can probably obtain lists of local Realtors, mortgage professionals, members of investor groups, and the Chamber of Commerce. In any reasonably sized metro area this is thousands of additional potential attendees.

3. Create Affiliates

If people really love what you are doing and your presentation they might share it with their groups. If you don’t want to leave this to chance, then find a way to really motivate them as affiliates. Perhaps that is cross collaborating to market to each other’s lists, or it may be compensating them monetarily. That could be as little as a dollar per click, $10 per registration, or as much as $100 for each person they refer which actually buys a ticket AND shows up.

4. Have Lenders & Credit Providers On-Site

If you or your vendors are selling something it can help to have credit providers on-site. This may be mortgage lenders, transactional funding lenders, hard money lenders, credit card companies. They should be able to provide pre-approvals or proof of funds letters on the spot. If that isn’t an option have vendors accept PayPal which can facilitate Bill Pay credit to pay over time, or access to lines of Working Capital.

5. Countdown Messages

People are insanely busy today. If they signed up for an event two months ago chances are they have completely forgotten about it already. That might even apply to last week. There is a massive disparity in registrations to actual attendees. Experienced event planners get that this is where they can really make a difference in the number that shows up on the day, and in turn the sales that actually happen. There should be countdown messages at least weekly in the run up to the event. The last week may include daily messaging. Then hone in with a serious countdown the 24 hours prior to, and even once the event kicks off. This messaging may include emails, social media, customized video messages, phone calls, text messages, and even mailing physical tickets or thank you cards. Reach them in their favorite medium, and blow them away prior to the event. That will set them up mentally to love it, and encourage sharing. Send them messages or images of custom items or gift bags you have curated just for them personally and get them in. Each vendor should also be provided with customizable messages and social posts they can send to their own groups, without having to think about it. Perhaps organizers will even them offer a discount on exhibiting based on how many attendees they bring in from those messages too.

6. Clear Instructions, in Advance

Make sure clear instructions and expectations are sent out well in advance. That applies to exhibitors and attendees. Do they need to be there a day early to set up or mingle? They need to know that weeks in advance, not 3 days before. What is the agenda? Is it an event they can pop into at any time during the day, or for one of multiple days, or do they need to be there from kick off to close? When it comes to speakers it may be best to start with your best, preferred line up, and then take them out if needed later, than to start pushing invites with a lackluster lineup. Though a surprise bonus guest is always a welcome move.

7. Active Social Media during the Event

Spark active social media during the event. Invite bloggers, travel writers, magazines, and the press. Record and publish video testimonials. Have live Google Hangouts, set up a blogger lounge, use unique #hashtags. Generate buzz.

8. Create Engaging Experiences for Attendees

A super successful event isn’t just about the quality of information delivered, or a beautiful room. It is about emotions, experience, and creating raving fans that will tell others. Create group huddles over coffee during breaks, bring in lunch (potentially sponsored by a local restaurant), host a pool party afterwards, or organize a tour of the local area if attendees are coming from a long way away. Play on your theme with fun things to do i.e. if you are talking about tactics give attendees nerf guns and have them compete to win a prize.

9. Optimize Follow Up

Optimize and automate follow up. The relationship and returns should just begin with the event. Have ipad registration and collect emails, phone numbers, and social handles. Then automate ongoing follow up. Send out video clips of the event, photos to share, and vendor details.

10. Turn Each Attendee into an Affiliate

Each attendee should become an advocate for the next event. Recruit them to help market the next one. Let them earn a free ticket or make money to buy products if they couldn’t before, by helping secure more registrations.

Following the above tips, most of which are very inexpensive or free, can dramatically catapult impact, action, and ROI. Try them out…


Authored by Best Transaction Funding - the leading source of transactional funding and hard money loans for real estate wholesalers in the US; where 100% financing, and saying “Yes” is what we love doing all day long.

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