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Top Five Tools for Wholesale Investors

by blogger1
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on Friday, 07 July 2017

As a wholesaler, you're not much different than any other business person in that you need the right tools to make your job easier and to keep your business firing on all cylinders. There are several tools you can add to your arsenal as a real estate wholesaler. Here are the top five you should consider.

Good Email Marketing Service Provider

You want to be able to reach buyers and seller fast and easy. Email marketing is very affordable and a great way to deliver your message to your target market. With the right service provider, you can easily manage your lists and make sure your contacts stay organized.

Two of the best choices are Aweber and MailChimp. Both provide plenty of benefits and there are plenty other choices out there, as well.

A Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing some of the necessary tasks can really help to free up your time. With a virtual assistant, you will be able to get more done and fewer things will slip through the cracks. You can use your VA to help with going through emails, data entry, customer service, organization and so much more. They can become your go-to when it comes to many tasks, which means you get to concentrate on finding deals. Try out to find VAs.

MLS Access

It's very difficult to be a successful wholesaler without access to MLS. This is one tool you should have to find, or at least evaluate deals. You can ask investor-friendly agents in your area for help, though getting your own license is probably the best way to gain access to the MLS database.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software will help you keep your clients organized. You won't have to worry about trying to do this through old spreadsheet systems anymore. With CRM software, you can track properties, keep buyers and sellers separate and build your business with great organization. Insightly and Suite CRM are two good choices you can try out.


One of the top choices when it comes to marketing, connecting and staying connected is to join the more than 460 million members of LinkedIn. This is a tool you really need to have and you can use groups and ads to promote your business, while building an online network.

There are several great tools that will help you as a wholesaler. These five should be in your arsenal and will certainly make running your business much easier.

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