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7 Tips For Preparing Properties For A Hurricane

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 07 September 2017

Hurricanes present a serious threat to lives, business, investments, and properties. Much of this risk can be minimized if investors and property owners are properly prepared. It is always better to err on the side of safety.

Check out these seven quick tips for protecting your properties, personal belongings, and yourself and family…

Watch Evacuation Notices

Evacuation notices cannot be taken lightly. Keep tuned in to advice, and consider evacuating even when it is not mandatory. The key is getting out ahead of the storm. You’ll want to secure your properties, pack up, and head out at least a week before if possible. Otherwise plane tickets will be sold out and prices will be jacked up, as in Miami ahead of Irma. Or roads will be no more than parking lots, hundreds of miles long, with no gas or supplies. By staying you not only put yourself at risk, but your family, emergency workers, and anyone else who has to try to come save you.

Trim and Clear Landscaping

A big percentage of damage to properties is done by trees and debris in yards. Trim landscaping, and make sure anything which can be used as a projectile by the wind is secured.

Board or Shutter Windows

With an increasing number of major storms, which only appear to be getting stronger and setting new records in strength and damage, make sure you cover windows. Don’t rely on promises of strong glass alone. Get them secured early while you can, and while supplies and contractors are available.

Get Sandbags

Much of the damage from hurricanes isn’t the wind, but flood waters from the rain and storm surge. Sand bags can be a huge help in keeping the water at bay.

Turn Off Utilities

You may also want to turn off your main electric breaker and water at your property. This may help the power company get you back on faster after the storm, and prevent more damage and danger.

Move Vehicles

Vehicles can easily be flooded and used as projectiles by the wind too. Progressive notes that even moving them a few feet to higher ground can help. Some local parking garages may offer free storage during storms as well.

Document Condition

Be sure to carry all of your documents with you. This includes; homeowners, flood, windstorm and title insurance, title deeds, and the attorney you will use to get your claim from the insurance company. Take photos and video of your properties before the storm to help document damage and file claims.

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