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Real Estate Financing: How Access To Credit Fuels Grow & Recovery

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 21 September 2017

How does access to credit and various types of real estate financing affect recovery and growth?

Availability to capital and credit has proven to be critical for working through crises, fueling the economy, and growing the housing market. We saw this before and after 2008, when comparing US growth and economic strength to other countries, and we’ll see it again in the next few years. There may be additional challenges given the recent hurricanes and Equifax data hack, as well as the affordability crisis the US housing market has been dealing with. Access to these four types of credit may prove to be instrumental in where we see the best recovery and growth next.

Affordable Housing Loans

Fannie Mae has said it expects to blow through its lending caps this year, primarily thanks to backing more affordable housing loans for multifamily properties. While not all the units in these new and redeveloped buildings will be affordable rentals, and rents are sure to keep going up, we should expect more growth where these loans are being made.

Airbnb Mortgages

With housing costs so high, and short term rentals in so much demand, a lot may demand on where Airbnb landlords can operate and get specialized financing. We are already seeing some lenders begin to tailor programs to buyers of short term rentals, or like in Seattle; down payment assistance programs for those who will list part of their new homes for rent.

Hard Money Rehab Loans

Between the millions of vacant and foreclosure units in the US, and the millions impacted by the recent string of hurricanes, access to asset based rehab lending will be critical and pivotal in which locations are able to rebuild and bounce back.

Transactional Funding

Even with all the above, there is still a significant gap between the supply and demand. Those with best access to the supply may not want to engage in rehabbing or hold long term. Those that do want that may not have front line access to the best deals. This is where real estate wholesalers come in. With continued access to transactional funding they can connect the supply and demand chain, and help both sides in greater volumes, faster.

Keep an eye on the markets where these types of real estate financing are becoming available. They could offer some of the best opportunities, be first to rebound, and provide investors the best growth prospects.

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