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Make It Cyber Monday Every Day, With Virtual Wholesaling

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 23 November 2017

Is virtual wholesaling what you need to make it feel like Cyber Monday, every day?

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping and sales days of the year. Billions of products are bought and sold on this day each year, and the numbers are only growing. It has been severely underutilized by the investment and real estate industry, but holds massive potential for investors. If only every day was like Cyber Monday, investors could be finding a lot more deals, and moving a lot more inventory.

Virtual wholesaling could be the ideal strategy for investors who want to increase their business, and incomes, with the ease of shopping and selling online.

This is also the perfect real estate strategy for those who may have been reluctant to invest before, or who feel held back from their full potential by thinking they have to do certain activities they don’t really care for. Not everyone is an extrovert who loves working on the phone or in-person networking and sales. Others hate the hands on maintenance and tenant hassles and liabilities associated with traditional fixing and flipping or DIY landlording. Some would rather just use email, a mobile phone, or a website and outsourced assistants to make money in real estate. All those are options with virtual wholesaling.

One of the biggest benefits of this approach that may mean the most to many investors is the freedom to invest anywhere, from anywhere. It means you can profit from the most profitable markets as they change, yet live and travel wherever you like.

Wholesaling is also considered the lowest risk real estate investment strategy. It enables investors to get in, out and paid in just days or hours. There is no exposure to market changes. No worrying about getting stuck with a dead weight property.

Perhaps most importantly, wholesaling offering many financial and liquidity advantages. It doesn’t matter how much money you start out with. Sooner or later it gets tied up if you are paying cash for properties or plow it into rehabs. With transactional funding investors can use 100% financing, without needing to tie up their credit, waste time with conventional loans, or burn resources trying to raise private money.

It may not be for everyone, but there are many advantages and perks of virtual wholesaling. If you are doing any shopping this Cyber Monday, or wish your bank account was a little more flush, it’s worth thinking about this as a strategy.

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