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New Tax Plan Makes Property Wholesaling Even More Attractive

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 30 November 2017

The new tax plan could make property wholesaling even more attractive to more investors by 2018.

A barrage of attacks on common tax breaks in the new tax plan could dramatically change the profitability of many individuals’ current investments and financial plans. It might even have much larger and broader impacts on where people live, the types of properties which are in demand, and not, and more. Hyper-versatile real estate wholesaling could be the solution many are looking for in order to avoid the pain, and expertly navigate and profit from the new property marketplace.

Most people have never seen so many changes that directly impact real estate in their lifetimes. Even in the 2008 crisis, there were really only a couple of factors to deal with, even though they were of epic proportions. Under the new tax plan which is expected to begin being phased in by 2018, individuals, investors and homeowners could lose many of their most relied upon tax breaks. That includes property tax and mortgage interest deductions. On top of that many may find they are being double taxed on at least part of their income, due to the repeal of the state income tax deduction. Capital gains tax laws are changing too, which could be a much bigger hit to those who buy large residences and resell within 5 years. Then there are changes like the big boost to the child tax credit which may influence household sizes over the years ahead. On the bright side, business taxes are expected to go down. At least starting in 2019.

Basically, there may be a big shake up in where people want to live, can afford to live, how big of a property it makes sense to buy, or not, and even how they choose to earn money. That can be scary as a buy and hold rental property investor, or rehabber dealing with luxury homes or micro-lofts. However, wholesalers get to be in and out of deals super-fast, insulating them from any coming market changes. They can ride the waves up and down in various markets, or hop from one to the next relatively easily.

As a property wholesaling business owner, there may even be more profits ahead due to lower corporate taxes. Plus, with the availability of 100% financing for these deals from Best Transaction Funding, your ROI or cash on cash returns are through the roof, while risk is almost non-existent.

How will the new tax plan change how you invest and live?

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