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Real Estate Investors: 7 Games To Boost Your Brain This Season

by blogger1
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on Thursday, 28 December 2017

Make the most out of the holiday season by engaging in these games…

This is a VIP time of year for real estate investors. There can be extra real estate investment opportunities, time demands from family and friends, and the pressure to set new goals and plans that will elevate your results in the new year. If you can squeeze in a few of these classic games, you may be able to simultaneously balance more of your work and play, while boosting your brain in a way that can help you set better strategies and tactics for the months ahead.


Perhaps the ultimate test of strategy and forward thinking. It’s a classic, and one which can definitely help develop your critical thinking for investing in real estate, and making long term financial plans.


Another great multiplayer strategy game. Perfect for those set on building their own global empire. A great way to also help build strategic thinking among your partners, family members and team mates.


While probably lesser known than Risk, this strategy game brings together history, thinking, and verbal skills. It reminds us that while we are all making our own plans and strategizing our own moves, so is everyone else. We’ve got to factor that in. Diplomacy also brings in deal making and negotiations, which are skills that are crucial for every real estate investor to develop and keep sharp.

Cash Flow

Rich Dad’s Cash Flow game is a classic in real estate circles. You can play it at home, bring it to the office to give your team some productive downtime, or host a meetup group or networking event around it.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em poker will teach you that sometimes you just have to work with the cards you're dealt. However, regardless of that hand, you can still pull off big wins if you are bold, and use it well. Like life and real estate, it’s not about luck, but strategy.


Whether you enjoy a throw back to your childhood days, or want a subtle way to start teaching your kids about real estate, and get them excited about it, Monopoly might be a great game to pick up. With so many versions, it can be the ideal gift for just about anyone. There are themed versions, a cheap and mobile card based version, and even a $2M gold and diamond set if you really need to wow someone.


If your Wii has been collecting dust while family members beg for the trendy gaming system of the year, this is a great time to break it out again. Find a dance or martial arts game, or exercise game that will get you off the couch, and burning those extra holiday calories, while boosting your mind and confidence for the new year.

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