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Good News For Real Estate Investors: The Stock Market Meltdown Has Begun

by blogger1
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on Friday, 09 February 2018

The stock market has begun to enter a new correction phase. That’s great news for real estate investors. Here’s what to expect, and how to make the most of it…

Coverage by the Wall Street Journal shows the Dow diving over 10% in early February 2018. This could well be the beginning of the major correction that we’ve expecting for years. There will be some small rebounds before the real correction, and overcorrection, but the WSJ already reports sell-offs by big institutional investors and automated algorithms. The Dow alone could end up plunging over 15,000 points before it gets down to the baseline at the beginning of this bull run.

It’s always sad when hard working individuals and families lose their savings and retirement investments in these cyclical shifts, but the warning flags have been up for years. Many who drag their feet could easily lose 60% to 70% of their nest eggs in this correction.

On the bright side this trend is only likely to create a new surge in real estate investment. The necessary exodus from the stock market, sends investors running to safer, more tangible assets, and those with better growth prospects. That’s real estate.

This means more demand for buying investment properties, and lending private capital to real estate investors.

Or course, the darker side and larger impact when these slides happen is a drag on the economy, hurting homeowners, and with higher interest rates, often a pending correction in the housing market too.

So, in the short term we should see even better conditions for fast flipping. Then we’ll see more motivated sellers and distressed house deals. That’s when the deeper discounts come back.

Real estate wholesaling is the perfect property investment strategy for safely generating more cash, and profiting from this shift. You can get in at attractive prices, and out fast for profits. WIth wholesaling it doesn’t even really matter which direction the housing market is going in. If you build in enough spread, and price your deals right, you can still make great money, and move them fast in both highly competitive rising markets, and declining ones.

Now is the time to really make a push with marketing and educating others. Help them out of the stock market, and into better investments, and earn well while providing a valuable service.

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