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Introducing HomeNotes - Record notes and home photos on your iPhone or iPad

by press
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on Friday, 06 May 2016
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The perfect home buyer app that lets you record notes and pictures as you tour a property. Review and share your reports with others from your iOS device or computer.


Use standard room names or add your own custom names

Pictures can be loaded as you tour the property or loaded later

Share your reports with friends, family, or clients

Pre-filled valuation spreadsheets (mortgage calculator, ROI)

Agent version allows agents to view their clients’ activity

Quick 4-star rating

Access all your property reports from iPhone, iPad or computer

HomeNotes is free for the first 3 properties.

Pro Version with unlimited properties is a $14.99 / month subscription.

Subscribe now to HomeNotes and get $4 off the first month with code "BEST"!


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HUD Transactions

by webhelp
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on Friday, 24 January 2014
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Case Study of HUD same-day, back-to-back transaction with

How the B investor bought and sold a HUD property within 6 hours with the help of

Using Transactional Funding for HUD Transactions

Helpful tips in using successfully with HUD same-day, back-to-back closings. How does one characterize our funding - cash or loan? Should the B investor bid for HUD properties as an entity or a natural person? And much more...
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CNBC Special

by press
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on Wednesday, 01 January 2014
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Investor explains how transactional funding can be used by flippers featured on CNBC

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Top 8 Tips to Find Real Deals When REOs are too Hot

by blogger1
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on Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Real estate investors all over the country from Sacramento to Reno to New York and Miami are banging their heads on their desks as real estate deals become tougher to find.

REO prices have been rising rapidly, lenders are becoming ridiculous to work with and bidding wars are spiraling out of control as large funds bulging with cash they are desperate to put to work over pay for properties by thousands.

So how can smaller investors hone in and get their hands on viable deals for flipping?

8 Ways to Lock into More Motivated Sellers & Property Bargains:

1. Tap into Off-Market REOs

Despite Realtor’s claims analysts put the real amount of foreclosure inventory at 15 months, even if it isn’t all being marketed to the public yet. Software like BankProspector enables real estate investors to target smaller regional banks with these ‘assets’ and provides high level contact information for decision makers.

2. Educate, Educate, Educate

Struggling homeowners are paralyzed into indecision from not knowing who to believe anymore or what options can really help. Educate them, warn them of deadlines for competing short sales and strive to help them not just sell them.

3. Build Better Referral Partnerships

Referrals are easy to close because they already trust you and want your help. There are many other pros that already have databases of prospects which are perfect for you and come across new ones every day. Collaborate; it might not cost you anything.

4. Use Social & Webinars to Maximize Time

Social media and webinars are ideal for reaching masses of prospects simultaneously to get more out of your time.

5. Direct Mail

It’s competitive, everyone else is doing it but it works and generates inbound calls. Use highly targeted lists so that you can afford to make your pieces stand out more and get read.

6. Get Inside Access to the MLS

Get your own access or tap into Realtor partners to go behind the scenes and discover which home sellers are really motivated through agents comments, high commissions and bonuses being offered and use those as negotiation room.

7. Use ‘Bird-Dogs’

With so much competition out there and real estate investors trampling over each other for any deal which comes online most of the really good deals are local and found at street level. Using ‘bird-dogs’ and outsourcing screening of these ‘deals’ to a VA means you can maintain volume without working a 100 hours a week.

8. Find Buyers Willing to Pay More

If you truly can’t find viable wholesale deals in your local market that other local investors will buy due to their high cost focus on finding buyers who will pay more. It may sound crazy to some of you but there are investors who charge $15,000 as a fee to source and set up turnkey investment properties, that’s on top of what you can make on the flip and property management fees if you want to get your hands dirty.
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